CEO Message

Shindo Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd.
a corporation specializing in heat exchangers,
makes the leap into the future with customers.



Hello! I am Hwang Won-tae, the CEO of Shindo Heat Exchanger. In the past 20 years, Shindo Heat Exchanger, which first set foot in the industry with the processing of finned tubes, has grown to become a comprehensive heat exchanger maker serving the air-conditioning, automobile, power plant and petrochemical plant industries.

In regards to heat exchangers manufactured by Shindo Heat Exchanger, with the philosophy of being part of the solution of the global warming problem, the company has been accelerating the development of products with excellence in terms of elaborate, thermal analysis and modeling while minimizing the use of fossil fuels and maximizing energy efficiency.

In this respect, in order to improve our manufacturing site and seek innovation in quality, in 2005, ISO9001 and ISO14001 were introduced, and a department in exclusive charge of research and development was newly established.

In 2007, a contract for using a thermal analysis program was concluded with AspenTech in the United States. In 2011, the company joined HTRI in the United States as a category 1 member, and concluded certification of the AutoCAD program with Autodesk. In 2014, the ASME U Stamp was acquired.

As a result, the 2014 delivery of an air cooler designed and produced by applying the U specifications to the Rabigh Ⅱ PMMA PCS Project in Saudi Arabia served as verification of the company’s prowess.
According to the motto that, ‘Happy staff members make good products,’ the company has been endeavoring to ensure the improvement of the quality of life of staff members, introducing initiatives such as Wednesday - Day of Families, workshops, support for schooling costs, etc. As a result, the company was selected as a ‘family-friendly corporation’ in the year 2017.

Shindo Heat Exchanger promises to put into practice the mission of trust and being on the right path in order to become a corporation creating new values. And, together with members and partners who have united with solid, technological abilities and passion, it will do its utmost so that high quality products can be supplied to you, the customer.

Lastly, I convey my mind of being grateful to the countless trouble and devotion of the members and partners who have been a part of these processes.

Thank you.

Shindo Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd.